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Decades ago, the fireplace or stove, was the central heating system of the home and was of great importance, and little care was given to it’s appearance. Today, the fireplace is still the focal point of any room, but for vastly different reasons. Yes, it is still a great source of secondary heat, but more so, it adds ambiance and is the primary inspiration for the room’s décor. More and more, we receive requests to modernize the look of a fireplace façade. Whether we are changing out the fireplace box and installing a new high-efficient fireplace insert, or leaving the existing one in place – a refurbished fireplace surround and mantle can give the room a whole new look and feel.

There is a vast array of materials today that we can use to

give your particular marble fireplace façade a true custom touch. For the most part, stone or ceramic tiling is used around the fireplace box. There are literally hundreds of colors and textures to choose from, including granite, limestone, marble and quartz. From here, the traditional façade calls for a pillar and mantle system, either out of a paint grade material to match your existing trim work, or a warmer natural look with solid oak, maple or birch that may work well with existing pieces of furniture. The possibilities are endless, for not only do we have hundreds of moulding profiles available to us, we will custom manufacture any configuration that will meet your specific needs and desires.


Very common today…as you will notice in some of the gallery photos below…is to incorporate bookcases on the sides of the fireplace, for that ever valuable storage space. Or, to custom build an entire entertainment unit around the fireplace, whether it is for the family room or bedroom. Concerns such as ‘raised hearths’ that take up valuable floor space, can now be lowered and flush with the floor. Masonry fireplaces with unwanted brick, can be clad with something new and fresh.

Use your imagination…and we would be happy to take it from there!

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