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No longer being offered at this time 

One of the last areas of the house to receive attention, but is also one that can add the most re-sale value to your home. If you are considering more living space, a spare bedroom, a playroom for the children, an entertainment or quiet reading room, you are most likely considering the finishing part of the basement. And rightfully so, for it is the most cost effective way to add square footage to your home. And more than likely, this area of the home is just sitting empty, cluttered and unused, waiting for some special attention. Let us show you how to take advantage of this valuable option.

Don't be discouraged if your basement doesn't have plumbing rough-in, or a fire escape egress window. We can still add these necessary elements and meet all National and Local Building Codes. We can take this project from the design and drafting of plans; to the framing of walls; to painting; and the beautiful finishing touches of decorative hardware. And throughout the entire process, know that you will have your work inspected by the Munincipality and the Electrical Safety Authority for proper wiring, plumbing, smoke and carbon detectors, among other important items.  


Let your imagination run wild! We have experience in installing fireplaces; climate controlled wine cellars; home theatre systems; smart home technology; and wet bars. If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality. And throughout the entire project, you can be assured of our renowned attention to detail. 

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