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Decking materials and designs have come a long way over the past decade. The sun and harsh weather has been brutal on the wood surfaces, and homeowners found they just couldn’t keep up with the annual maintenance. And thus, composite materials were born. Composite materials are a man made product that is extremely durable. The core is made from various raw materials such as glue, paper, plastic and/or polymer.

I am a registered Platinum Pro Contractor and Partner of TimberTech and Azek decking products. Their composite boards and products are the finest in the business and carry up to a 50 year warranty. That is 50 years of no sanding, stripping, painting or staining. These composite boards look more authentic than actual wood, provide a tougher surface, more scratch resistant and cooler to the touch. Railings are also offered in maintenance materials such as aluminum, composite, or glass… in a variety of styles and configurations.

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What sets our decks apart?

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I built my first deck 40 years ago, and in that time frame I have come to offer some very unique design features and detailing. My decks are structurally sound, built to National Building Code requirements, and fully permitted and inspected by the Municipality. The decks can be ground hugging, or multi-tier, built on Techno Metal Posts augered 6’ below grade, or floating on [ground level] concrete deck blocks for some economical savings.


I offer an array of stylish features such as two-tone colour schemes; multi-width decking boards; privacy screens and panels; wrap around stairs; planters; pergolas; and specialty finishes such as low voltage LED stair, garden and perimeter lighting. 

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