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I first wore a tool pouch at the age of 12. It was an old Beaver Lumber [cloth] nail apron that was full of holes. I cut up a clothes hanger and bent it into a holster for my little hammer. For some reason, I always wanted tools hanging off my waist. Some of you may remember Mr. Schneider on the TV series “One Day at a Time”? Well that was me, and 48 years later… the hammer is still there hanging off my belt.

My father was a carpenter, and my Grandfather was a cabinetmaker. And even though I am self-taught, you can see where this love comes from. And I also try to pour that love into every aspect of my work and every project I work on. For the most part, I now work alone. This gives me the security of knowing every piece of material is fashioned and installed by me. But I do have a great group of subcontractors that I will retain to help me with my larger projects. And on occasion, I will call upon a student in the summer months for extra help on the deck builds.

Since moving to Equinelle in Kemptville, I have kind of fallen into three different specialties now… composite decks from spring to fall; finishing basements from fall to spring; and filling in with fireplace facades and custom cabinetry wherever possible. You can find numerous photos, testimonials and project descriptions throughout my website, but be sure to visit my Facebook page also. I look forward to servicing your renovations needs now, or in the future.

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Customer Testimonials

We are very grateful for the beautiful recreation room which you built in our basement. Thank you for being so patient with us and for always listening to our concerns with a smile. The final project reflects your talent, choice of quality materials, skilled workmanship and attention to detail! Finally, we never felt like the process was an intrusion on our lives, but rather something we looked forward to witnessing. All the best.

Susanne & Tim - eQuinelle

Huge thank you for the wonderful work with our deck. We are over the moon happy with how things turned out. Our outdoor space has finally come true!

Joanne and John - eQuinelle

We couldn’t be more excited to get on our new deck Murray!! So happy and thankful for getting to know and to do business with you. Your professional and honest opinion helped create this great outdoor space for our family. Thank you!

Rawan & Alex Sakran - eQuinelle

Thank you so very much Murray MacLeod for the stunningly unique designed deck you installed for us, we absolutely love it…truly is a show stopper!!

Caroline & Iain - eQuinelle

Thanks for doing such an amazing job on our deck!!!

Bill & Sheilagh - eQuinelle

Guy and I are absolutely pleased with everything. From beginning to end everything was done to perfection, we could not be any happier. Thank you so much for everything.

Guy & Ginette - eQuinelle

We are overjoyed with the dream double-deck that you installed for us. We cannot thank you enough. You are the consummate professional. This was the first deck we have ever had installed for us. It is better than we could ever have imagined. We were astounded by how smoothly the project progressed. Following the timetable you established, everything took place like clockwork. We were also impressed by your attention to detail. We were grateful that you were such a pleasure to work with, and we very much appreciated your sound recommendations and guidance. On time, on budget, and exceeding all expectations! We applaud you Murray. You are deserving of the highest possible recommendation.

Jerry and Diane - eQuinelle

I can’t even tell you how happy I am with our new little exit deck. Big thanks to Murray and Linda at MacLeod Carpentry. So much attention to detail and great to work with.

Kathy Aldridge - eQuinelle

Thank you so much Murray and Linda for the excellent work and thoughtful attention to our needs on the new deck….it’s beautiful. And especially thanks for helping us through the design process! Working throughout this extended heatwave was really horrible for you… but in the end .... we absolutely love our new deck!

Sheila & Kem - eQuinelle

Thanks Murray. We appreciate the quality work you provided! So pleased we used your( and Linda’s!) services!

Ross Meredith -eQuinelle

Thanks again for all of your hard work on our new basement its beautiful and we are really really enjoying it!

Karen Huntjens - eQuinelle

Simply put, Murray MacLeod builds the best decks! We can see the evidence of this throughout our community. One only needs to play a couple rounds of golf and you begin to notice all of his wonderful decks. We feel blessed to be included in that group. From design to material selection, Murray walked us through our options and answered every question we had, providing us with solutions and designs that we would not have thought of ourselves. We would not hesitate to highly recommend MacLeod Carpentry for any of your decking needs.

Lee & Heather Hayes - eQuinelle

The quality, your attention to detail and end result exceeded our expectations. Thank you Murray and Linda! Loving the deck in the evenings as well.

Mark Fowler - eQuinelle

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it! Awesome job!!! I am so happy with my new deck and am so looking forward to enjoying it. The deck is absolutely stunning and lights are great at night. I am more than happy with the end result and more than appreciate all you’ve done! Again, thank you both so, so much.

Joanne Tindall - eQuinelle

We are very happy with the deck Murray. Thanks for the great job, it looks fantastic!

Sandra & Martin Crossman - eQuinelle

Thank you so much for building Lucie and I a beautiful deck. We're extremely happy with the end result, and anxious to show it off to friends and neighbours. It was great to get to know you and Linda.

Larry & Lucie Quartus - eQuinelle

Thank you very much for doing a great job on our deck all the while dealing with all the covid related curveballs over the last year. We truly appreciate your craftsmanship, communication, patience and attention to detail.

Andre & Susan Marquis - eQuinelle

The basement looks great!! We are extremely pleased with the work you did and how our basement turned out.

Kim & Steve Downey - eQuinelle

Many thanks for the lovely deck. Yes, we love the deck and will enjoy it for a long time.

Rick & Mary Ann Backs - eQuinelle

Thank you so much. Very pleased. Lovely job.

Barbara & Stacey Townson - eQuinelle

Murray finished our deck last week and did an excellent job!

Ingrid & Denis Lebel - eQuinelle

We are exceedingly happy with our new finished basement. We cannot thank you enough. You are the consummate professional. We were so impressed by how smoothly the project progressed. Following the timetable you established, everything took place like clockwork. We were also impressed by your attention to detail. We were grateful that you were such a pleasure to work with, and we very much appreciated your sound recommendations and guidance. You are deserving of the highest possible recommendation. Thank you again Murray.

Jerry & Diane Mayer - eQuinelle

Thank you Murray and Linda. We love our deck, it's beautiful and very well built. Great craftsmanship, attention to details, open and friendly communications throughout the process!

Alain & Guelda Parent

Thank you just doesn't cover how much we appreciate your patience in planning and completing our awesome deck, which our family will enjoy for years to come! We've had many compliments thanks to your great workmanship....a real work of art!!!!

Bev & Dave Brenner - eQuinelle

Thank you, it looks amazing. Better than we had imagined!

Sue & Mike Rennie - eQuinelle

Thank you so much. Our new deck built by Murray is beautiful, and being enjoyed as we speak. Ann and I enjoy sitting outdoors and this is a dream come true for us!

Bryan & Ann Walsh - eQuinelle

We are VERY pleased with our new deck....the product and Murray's workmanship are outstanding! Construction was on schedule and completed as agreed upon. Highly Recommend Murray!

Gary & Betty Boxma - eQuinelle

You did an excellent job on the fireplace, thanks so much. It really completes the room.

Gary Lindfield - eQuinelle

Glad that you enjoyed the project. Well done. And we really enjoyed working with you....very professional and dependable.

Bob Wilson - eQuinelle

Thanks Murray....the whole wall has been transformed. It looks fantastic, just like I knew it would. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity. Definitely a "work of art" and we get to enjoy it.

Jane Nopper - eQuinelle

It's another one of your masterpieces Murray. We certainly love our deck that you did for us last year.

Maline Hillier - eQuinelle

We love it! Murray is the best! The deck is perfect! We had high expectations and Murray certainly went above that!

Nicole Plamondon - eQuinelle

Thank you Murray for the great deck!!! You did a fantastic job. Your attention to details is amazing. We love it.

Sharon Michaelson - eQuinelle

Absolutely love our new deck, the detail and workmanship is over and above. Thanks Murray.

Cathy Bottriell - eQuinelle

I love my new fireplace surround and mantle. Murray did a wonderful job of replicating the design from a picture I had. My house didn’t come with a fireplace surround and this addition has made a very positive difference in my room.

Sandra Ireland - eQuinelle

We are so happy. We would recommend Murray MacLeod to anybody whose expectations demand precision, professionalism, clean work spaces, meeting deadlines and excellent follow up. Not all contractors can deliver this level of quality consistently. Murray has done another large project for us and we were just as happy with the results.

Brenna Duncan - eQuinelle

Thanks so much for the care and the love of a job well done that you put into this project. We appreciate that very much.

Frank Meijer - eQuinelle

Thank you Murray. Great job. We are very pleased and finally have a look that captures a warm and inviting setting for our living room.

Yvonne Lindfield - eQuinelle

Murray, satisfied and excited with our new deck is an understatement. We love, love, love our new deck. Murray your workmanship is impeccable. Another project you completed for us that has exceeded our expectation. Thank you.

Marianne Phillips - eQuinelle

We can't wait to enjoy our new deck. Thank you for all your work Murray! It's beautiful!

Joelle Meijer - eQuinelle

We are extremely pleased with the finished product that Murray delivered in a timely fashion and on budget. We have been very impressed by Murray’s willingness to listen to our ideas and incorporate them into the design. Murray was meticulous in everything he did, displayed attention to detail, and produced a well-constructed deck that we will enjoy for years to come. We are grateful to have found in Murray an exemplary contractor with a sense of integrity, honesty and affordability. Thank you Murray for a job well done.

Massy & Carole Ann - eQuinelle

We want to express our sincere ‘thank-you’ for everything: your professionalism; attention to details; your patience; and for creating us our own oasis! It was fun having you here. We love the deck!

John & Dianna Berry - eQuinelle

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