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Building your own Deck


Need help? I am now offering 'Consulting, Design & Drawing' services.


I understand the great pride and joy one can get from building their own deck, but also keenly aware of the large undertaking one enters into. I’m here to help you navigate this, the Municipal and National Building Codes, and perhaps save you some time and money along the way. Not to mention you'll enjoy your deck building with greater peace of mind, and perhaps alleviate some of the stress. 


Services Offered

  • Consultation ... $200

  • Deck Design ... $300
         and per revision ... $200

  • Permit and Construction Drawings ... $800

  • Structural or Helical Post layout ... included

  • Material Takeoff ... $150

  • Site Visits ... $100 per 1hr visit

  • Text/Email Inquiry (detailed response) ... $25 each

Included in the Permit/Construction drawings, is a full set consisting of a Floor Plan, Structural Plan, Cross Section, Site Plan, a Helical Post layout plan if necessary, and a completed Building Permit Application ready for you to submit.

These drawings are more than enough to fulfill Municipal Building Permit requirements, but more importantly will save you much time, effort and money during the onsite build. I can help take much of the guesswork out of your work.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I have my design already sketched out? 

Not a problem. After the initial Consultation, you’ll save the Design costs and move directly to Permit and Construction Drawings.


  • What if I don’t need a Material Takeoff?

Not a problem. You pick and choose the services you need. 


  • Can I use you for a pre-inspection visit? 

Absolutely. Choose a site visit anytime, any reason. 


  • Can you help me apply for the Building Permit? 

Absolutely, it’s actually included in the ‘Drawings’ service. You still bear the cost ($310) of the permit directly to the Municipality.


  • Are you giving up on deck building yourself? 

Not at all. These are new services I now offer.


  • Can you advise on Codes & Zoning By-laws?



  • Are there any warranties or guarantees that come with your services? 

No. I am not charging enough to take on liability. But you will reap my 45 years of construction experience, not to mention the 60 decks I have built here in eQuinelle. 


  • What communities do you provide these services in? 

For now: eQuinelle only. 

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