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High-end PVC Decking


We only use top of the line TimberTech Advanced PVC decking by Azek. PVC decking absorbs no moisture, is cooler to the touch, accepts and conceals fasteners with greater success, and offers a 50 year warranty.

And then of course there is the authentic looking woodgrain finishes with their Advanced Polymer technology.

Three different prices levels are available to suit any budget, with their three beautiful and distinct Collections. 

On every deck...before we apply the butyl tape and composite decking boards...we run a long straight edge across the top of all deck joists, and go to the trouble of planing down all the boards that are sitting too high.

The cause of this undesired reality is because of 1) a crowning/twisting effect in the wood, or 2) the lumber mills did not maintain a proper 7 1/4" width on their 2x8's. This is very common and can be off as much as a 1/2" unfortunately.

In the past, this planing solution was not possible.....for we would not want to remove the preservative treatment on the wood surface. But with the introduction of heavy duty butyl tape in the last few years, the top of all planed joists can now be re-sealed against moisture penetration, even better than pressure treatment.....while allowing us to provide you with a (near) perfectly flat top surface.

Level top


Custom Privacy Screens


There is much we can do to give you privacy with unique customization, and a great selection of patterns and designs. Please enquire!

We always try to add something different to each and every deck we design and build….make it yours! Something that will stand out from all the rest. Something that will make your family and neighbours take notice. 

Unique and Distinctive




We never cheat, especially on the staircase. Always built extremely rugged with galvanized metal fasteners, over spec the number of required wood members, and use excessive water-proofing.


Because staircases are lower to the ground, they are more vulnerable to moisture deterioration and require more attention to accomplish a lasting solution. 

Not only will you enjoy a 2 year MacLeod Carpentry labour warranty, but you will also get a 5 to 7 year "Replacement Labour Warranty" from the manufacturer themselves…because we are a TimberTech Gold registered contractor.

You are well covered! 

Unique Labour Warranty

Unique Labour Warranty.jpg

Multi-tiered and Neo-angled


We never back away from complex designs. We are always ready to come up with an intricate deck design that is unique and meets your needs. They can add to the cost, but we will work with you to show where the most economical options lie. 

We always paint the under structure black, so the wood and metal structure does not show through then vented spaces in the skirting. 

Blacked Out


Water-proof Butyl Tape


Water-proof Butyl Tape is always applied to the top of every horizontal wood surface; joist, beam and post.


This photo was taken after a night-time rainfall. The ice and water-shield stopped all this water from penetrating the wood surface, and allows all the deck board's concealed fasteners to remain secured in a solid structure.....without rot.

We now only use high-end lighting products from our valued composite deck supplier (TimberTech), who provides you with a 5 to 7 year labour and product warranty.


We have had zero success on obtaining light warranties on our other lighting products post Covid and therefore had to refrain from using light products except from TimberTech. 

Optional Lighting




Proper selection of materials is vital to a visually appealing design. It must be neat, consistent and allow for proper ventilation and air movement to rid the undercarriage of excessive moisture and the potential of rot. 

Wherever necessary, all metal connectors, plates or straps are galvanized for proper life-time performance.


Even the staircase gets special attention from us. 



Perfectly Straight


All decking is installed first to allow the current temperature to penetrate every board to the same thermal expansion point, then cut the group of boards to exact length with the perfectly straight track saw system.


With this cautionary approach, every board will then expand and contract ‘evenly', as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day and seasons. 

Built for strength and visual appeal. Completely top wrapped for a rot-resistant lifespan. 

The Staircase




We go out of our way to add appealing detail wherever possible.


We now use a waterproof PVC glue to make sure these small decorative pieces will be tight for many years to come. 

How many times have you seen disturbing, news reporting of a railing or deck giving out with large gatherings? The proper use of bolts and fasteners is paramount to proper safety. Railings and posts can be one of the most neglected areas of a deck. We take this domain very seriously. 

Railing and Posts


Attention to Detail


They do cost a little more, but so necessary for the safe and lasting enjoyment of your new outdoor living space.


And this special attention to details, adds so much to the overall appearance of your new deck. 

All our deck fasteners are ACQ approved where necessary. ACQ preservative used in today’s pressure treating process can be up to fives times more corrosive than older preservatives. Thus requiring special attention and cost to fastener detail, such as railing bolts and joint hangers.


We do not skimp!  



Border and Accent Trim


We always use double or triple borders on all our decks.  Two tone accent colour (if desired) is always included.


There are many options and ideas that can be applied to make your deck standout above the rest. Ask us how!

We always go above and beyond Building Codes as to what is required for the proper construction and longevity of a deck…that is exposed to every destructive, seasonal element known to Canadians.  

National Building Code


Engineer and Manufacturer Spec’s


We always adhere to the installation requirements on all our products, as specified by their engineers.

When I complete your deck, you can be assured it is in great condition with beautiful joinery. But the Canadian outdoor elements can take its toll on the wood structure and try and disturb this great beauty that I leave you.


Wood can shrink, expand, freeze, warp, twist, cup… but know that we also take great care to secure all elements of the structure with more screws than nails, with more metal ties than not… to try to alleviate the potential of this happening. 

The Elements


The Carpenter


I am the one that lives in your neighbourhood! I am the one that meets and consults with you! I am the one that designs your beautiful deck!


And I am the one that builds it….to exacting detail! 😊

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